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Sango Art Gallery


Sango art gallery is a Leuven (Belgium) based art gallery that specializes in Belgian and Zimbabwean art.

It all Started around 1980 by Gaston Piersoul, when he travelled to Zimbabwe to discover the local art scene. There he discovered the art village Tengenenge where more than five hundred people exhibit their talents in the hope of being discovered and acquiring a certain fame. In the National Gallery in Harare, the museum for the artists, you can distinguish the quality and originality of the different sculptors very well. And this is how he came into contact with all the famous sculptors from Zimbabwe such as Henry Munyaradzi (1998), Mike Munyaradzi, Faktor, Dominic Benhura, Nicolas Mukonberanwa, Sylvester Mubayi, Fanizani Akuda, Bernard Matemera (*2002), Colleen Madamombe, Arthur Fata, Anderson Mukonberanwa, Lai’si, Nesbert Mukonberanwa, Marezva, Chimba, Daniel Baradza, Gladman and Thomas Zinyeka, Joram Mariga (+2002), and many others. He got to know all the artists personally and selected all the sculptures himself so that he also has a good sense of each piece.

Later he expanded his collection with the inclusion of Belgian art from famous artists like Panamarenko, Koen Vanmechelen, Kobe, Odile Kinart,… He also visited each artist personally and sought out the sculptures that are in his collection for their character and feel.