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Zimbabwean Art Info

Sango Art Gallery

Modern African stone sculpture is not “traditional”, although much of its subject matter has traditional roots. During the pre-colonial era, local inhabitants were already artistically pre-disposed, fashioning various natural materials in the form of fibres, wood, clay and stone for functional, aesthetic and ritual purposes.

The first gallery opened in Zimbabwe in 1957: The Rhodes National Gallery, where its director Frank McEwen gave opportunities to new African artists. This lead to an establishment of the first generation of Shona sculptors.


First generation (1956-1980)

The first generation of Shona sculptors consists of the following artists:

  • Henry Munyaradzi
  • Joram Mariga
  • The Mukomberanwa family
  • Ephraim Chaurika
  • Akuda Fanzani
  • Joseph Ndandarika
  • Bernard Takawira
  • John Takawira
  • Lazarus Takawira
  • Bernard Matemera
  • Sylvester Mubayi
  • Henry Mukarobgwa
  • Thomas Mukarobgwa
  • Adam Madebe

Many of these artists have works featured in The British Museum and other notable galleries around the world.




Second generation (1980-1990)

The second generation of Shona sculptors consists of the following artists:


                                  Colleen with her art


Third generation (1990-2001)

  • Tonderai Marezva
  • Elliot Romano
  • Composition