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Second Generation (1980-1990)


Sango Art Gallery

Colleen Madamombe

Colleen worked predominantly in Springstone, but also used Opal stone, for example for her major work “The Birth”, now part of the Chapungu permanent collection. She used both rough and polished stone in her sculpture, often leaving parts of the surface of the stone in its raw oxidised form to provide colour for hair or clothes, while creating expressive faces, arms and hands in the fully polished black stone. Skirts would sometimes be chiselled to a rough grey surface, while other clothing such as a blouse was stippled to a finer texture. The overall effect and subject-matter was instantly recognisable.


Lady in Spring, Colleen Madamombe   Cinque, Colleen Madamombe

We offer a wide range of works by Colleen Madamombe, all originally sourced from the artist herself.


Zinyeka Gladman

Zinyeka Gladman was born in 1962 in Gutu District. He was separated from his parents during the struggle for liberation, and started to sculpt in 1985.
His role model was Samson Kuvhengurwa, whose very innovative work deeply impressed him. Zinyeka depicted the everyday life of those he knew. He acutely expressed the suffering of the poor and unemployed. “I stand for the poor! I am lucky because I can shout through the stone!” Zinyeka died in 2001.


Inner Feeling, Zinyeka Gladman   Thinker, Zinyeka Gladman

We offer a limited range of works by Zinyeka Gladmand, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Chituwa Jemali

Chituwa Jemali was born in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe in 1969. He was encouraged in his early years to pursue sculpting by the world-renown sculpture, Nicholas Mukomeranawa. Jemali continued to develop his technique under the guidance of another Shona Master Sculptor, Moses Masaya. By 1993, Jemali’s work was being presented in galleries in Canada and the Netherlands. Today, the work of this Master Sculptor has made its way to collectors in Germany, Holland, and the USA. The artist continues to hold International exhibitions.


Spirit, Jemali   Beauty Queen, Jemali

We offer a limited range of works by Chituwa Jemali, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Dominic Benhura

Dominic Benhura was born in 1968. Despite having no formal training, Benhura turned to sculpting full-time upon the finish of his schooling, showing his work at the Chapungu Sculpture Park for the first time in 1987. He joined the resident artist program there in 1990, staying until acquiring a home in Athlone, Harare, in 1995. Through the program he worked on larger pieces; he also began traveling during this period, attending workshops in Botswana, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany. He began to add metal to his stone sculptures.


Plaiting Hair, Dominic Benhura   Twins, Dominic Benhura

We offer a limited range of works by Dominic Benhura, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Brighton Sango

Brighton Sango was born in 1958 in Guruve, Zimbabwe. He was the leading light of his generation of Zimbabwean sculptors and was hugely influential on the development of the Shona art movement. Having learned the basic techniques from Bernard Matemera, he quickly developed his own sculpting style. Sango’s sculptures portray his introspective inspiration, this through abstract forms that challenge the classical African art definition.


Spirit World, Brighton Sango   Thinkers, Brighton Sango

We offer a limited range of works by Brighton Sango, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Gregory Mutasa

Gregory was born in 1959 in Zimbabwe. His work has been exhibited at Expo 2000, Hannover, Germany; Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town, as well as Kew Gardens in London, England. His work is influenced by the form of woman, family, daily life and the environment.


Modest, Gregory Mutasa   Plating Hair, Gregory Mutasa

We offer a limited range of works by Gregory Mutasa, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Nesbert Mukomberanwa

Nesbert Mukomberanwa was born in 1969 in Buhera, Mukomberanwa began to study sculpture with his uncle (Nicholas Mukomberanwa) in 1987, afterwards he established his own workshop. Mukomberanwa’s work has been shown at exhibitions in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the United States.


Dreaming, Nesbert Mukomberanwa   Thinker, Nesbert Mukomberanwa

We offer a limited range of works by Nesbert Mukomberanwa, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Garrison Machinjili

Garrison Machinjili was born in 1963 in Mazoe, Zimbabwe. He has been working at the Chapungu Sculpture Park since 1989, and has collaborated with many contemporary Zimbabwean sculptors, such as Charles Backford and Benard Nkanjo. His sculptures are generally abstract in nature, but are derived from natural subjects.


Hair in the Wind











We offer a limited range of works by Garrison Machinjili, all originally sourced from the artist himself.


Mike Munyaradzi

Mike was born in 1967 as the son of the well-known sculptor Henry Munyaradzi at the Tengenenge artists’ colony in Zimbabwe. Mike has faith in the spiritual world of the Shona and utilizes their formula to express his feelings. His style follows the one of his father, he also takes the natural form of the rock as foundation for the composition of his sculptures. In order to differentiate from his fathers work the facial expression of his sculptures is different, as he builds it in a tougher, more sophisticated way. Mike defines his craftsmanship as a possibility to make an appeal to his environment, to disclose positive and negative ways of living.


Beatle, Mike Munyaradzi   Waterbeetle, Mike Munyaradzi

We offer a limited range of works by Mike Munyaradzi, all originally sourced from the artist himself.