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Gregory Mutasa


Sango Art Gallery

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Showering, Gregory Mutasa

White Opal

H: 165cm W: 50cm D: 40cm



Sparkling Beauty

Sparkling Beauty, Gregory Mutasa

White Marble

H: 25cm W: 45cm D: 32cm




Silence, Gregory Mutasa

White Opal

H: 72cm W: 30cm D: 24cm



Plating Hair

Plating Hair, Gregory Mutasa

White Opal

H: 100cm W: 60cm D: 38cm




Modest, Gregory Mutasa

Grey Opal

H: 55cm W: 65cm D: 22cm




Sleeping By The River

Sleeping By The River, Gregory Mutasa

Grey Opal

H: 50cm W: 200cm D: 120cm




Elegance, Gregory Mutasa


H: 120cm W: 60cm D: 50cm




Standing, Gregory Mutasa

White Opal

H: 100cm W: 60cm D: 28cm




Kissing Lips, Gregory Mutasa

Grey Opal

H: 80cm W: 42cm D: 28cm





Bathing Seba, Gregory Mutasa

Grey Opal

H: 100cm W: 60cm D: 38cm